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Asam’s number one priority is to improve the lives of  Torrance residents by engaging with them and getting their feedback on local issues. His number one goal is to retain Torrance's unique characteristics, as the city is well known for its distinctiveness of a balanced community. Asam views Torrance as a paradise city for local businesses as well as a thriving city with nurturing social hubs for people of all ages.

Strengthen Public Safety

Torrance is one of the safest cities nationwide, however Asam believes there is room for improvement. To better equip law enforcement and other public safety agencies Asam is committed to expand investments in new technologies in order to have safe neighborhoods, schools and streets. He is devoted to partnering with police officers and firefighters to enhance public safety and keep our kids safe at public schools.
Homelessness and coyotes are becoming major public safety concerns. Asam believes in engaging with neighboring cities to resolve and end these issues.
Another major concern is the use of Modified Hydrofluoric Acid (MHF) in densely populated areas of the Torrance Refinery. Asam believes in working with the Torrance Refinery, local residents, activists, and leaders to address concerns and find mutual benefit grounds. 

Support Public Education

Asam is committed to work closely with Torrance Unified School District staff and the Torrance Unified School District Board to provide top-class education for all kids in Torrance. One of the most essential reasons, according to most parents, is public education in Torrance Schools. This was also one of the reasons Asam chose to move to Torrance. Asam is actively engaged in many capacities to understand the needs of TUSD students. As a Board of Director for the Torrance Education Foundation, Asam has helped raise funds for over 23,000 students. Asam was also nominated as a mentor for a TUSD high school student and as Vice Chair to the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee where he participates in monitoring the monies spent on capital projects approved by multiple measures. Asam believes that top rated education for our city’s will give it a bright future.  

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Improve Traffic Management

Asam feels that vigorous traffic studies should be conducted in all congested areas of the city. He says he will engage traffic engineers, specialists, and locals to perform a comprehensive 20-year long-term traffic research.

Promote Economic Development

Asam's goal is to promote economic growth and social hubs for individuals of all ages. Torrance can cultivate a more diversified, vibrant local culture and economy by focusing on the expansion of local businesses such as restaurants, stores, and amenities. Working with the Torrance Chamber of Commerce and other local business organizations, Asam's objective is to create more jobs in Torrance which will reduce the tax load on the city's budget. 

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